Uggiano produces its wines combining traditional winemaking methods to the most advanced bottling system, in order to ensure maximum quality and safety for customers.

Sangiovese and Canaiolo represent the connection with Tuscan terroir. On the other hand, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Syrah are used for our Supertuscans.

A large and impressive cellar houses Slavonian oak casks and French oak barrels, where our finest wines are aged for long periods before bottling, in order to enhance their organoleptic features.


A harmonious and peculiar collection of Uggiano winery, including all the nuances of the “drinking Tuscany”, from Sangiovese to Chianti, from Chianti Classico to Riserva, up to Vermentino. A journey through the Tuscan territory towards excellence.

This collection combines a wide range of wines to taste, from the ready-to drink red wines, like Sangiovese or a smooth Chianti DOCG, to the prestigious Riserva wines. A real exploration of the Tuscan territory, with its two beating hearts: from one side the Chianti, from the other one the famous Gallo Nero, the Chianti Classico.


The best of Tuscany. Our Supertuscan wines represent excellence and quality.

This is the combination of Tuscan terroir with international varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Long ageing and refining processes in casks and oak barrels add complexity and value to these wines. This selection includes Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, which is one of the most famous wines in the world, thanks to its elegant spicy flavors and refined complexity.


This collection includes “special” wines, which are part of Tuscan traditions.

A glass of Vinsanto or Grappa are the best way to end a meal in family and among friends. Vinsanto is a sweet dessert wine with flavours of honey and dried fruit, featuring depth, complexity and a pleasant sweetness, balanced by a slight acidity. Grappa del Chianti is an intense spirit served as a digestif. It has to be sipped slowly to appreciate its rich flavors and spicy tones.


“Chianti” is first and foremost a geographic area: wines have always been the main characters of this territory.

This collection aims to re-discover Chianti and to give it a new reading key, without forgetting our traditions. This is our youngest collection, a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, with a fresh and creative taste, even in the labels: with its vivid and attractive colours, Chianti Roccialta collection aims to achieve young and new markets, also abroad.


Elegance in the glass: bubbles are the perfect guest for every party, ceremony, and occasion.

Fruity and fresh. Prosecco Extra Dry is characterized by flavors of green apple and delicate flowers, tiny and persistent bubbles, an intense aroma. Inspired by the moon, the label of our Prosecco represents its different phases. Our Prosecco Extra Dry is a real tribute to pleasure and life, both for a social drinking or for an intimate moment.

The quality of our wines is recognized by sommeliers, juries and guides.

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